A Family Eye Clinic For St. Albert

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Dr. Amy Bakelaar, Dr. Rajan Mistry & Dr. Aaron Patel

#102 - 8 Perron Street
(located downtown St. Albert on Perron Street, across from the post office)

Our mission at the St. Albert Optometrists' Clinic is to provide the highest quality of eyecare and eyewear to our patients.  Our friendly staff will work hard to see that your individual needs are accommodated.

We use VisiOffice - Using 20 unique measurements we can offer you the most technologically advanced lenses on the market.  Our lenses are custom designed to help you see what matters most to you  -  click here

Our eye doctors, Dr. Aaron Patel, Dr. Rajan Mistry and Dr. Amy Bakelaar will strive to ensure your eyesight will receive the best in modern care.  In the event you need a specialist referral we will endeavor to get you an appointment promptly with the right doctor for your care.

Drs. Patel, Mistry and Bakelaar will take the time to make certain that you fully understand the state of your eyes and what can be done to help you see your best today and tomorrow.

  • Detect macular degeneration and glaucoma sooner with advanced testing  (see how)
  • Participating Member of the Eye See Eye Learn Program and the Eyesafe (OVC) program for safety glasses. 
  • We support Canadian Vision Care, which provides eye care and eyewear to the underprivileged around the world. For every pair of eyeglasses purchased at our clinic, a pair of eyeglasses or an eye exam is donated through the buy-one-give-one program.

Eyeglasses - Contact Lenses - Sunglasses

Routine Eye Exams - Urgent Care Visits

Disease and Treatment: One of the key components in preserving your vision is a regular eye exam.  Unfortunately some eye conditions, such as glaucoma, present absolutely no warning signs.  During a routine eye exam, your doctor will check the pressures inside your eye as well as look for any damage which may be occurring.  Other factors that can help prevent serious eye disease include protecting your eyes from the sun, monitoring your blood pressure, controlling your blood glucose levels, eating foods high in antioxidants and not smoking cigarettes.

Children: A frequently asked question we receive is "What age should my child have their first eye exam?".  It comes to a surprise to many to hear that we suggest you have your child's eyes checked at six months of age.  Although infants cannot talk, we can still determine their prescription, ensure their eyes are in proper alignment, and look for any early eye disease.  Follow up examinations should occur at two years of age and again prior to beginning kindergarten. All children's eye services are covered by Alberta Health Care until their 19th birthday.

Lasik Surgery:Another commonly asked question we hear is "Am I a candidate for Lasik surgery or Contact Lenses?".  Please see our section called Medical Services which outlines some of the considerations we need to address before making a decision.

All medical eye care is now covered through Alberta Health Care at our clinic regardless of your age.  If you are having an eye-related problem please contact our office for more details on this program.  This is the first step prior to a specialist / ophthalmologist referral in Alberta.

Live in Edmonton? Please visit the Alberta Eye Health Clinic

(updated March 13, 2017)